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Liz Andrew

Liz Andrew

“My time on the MCDT employability programme and volunteering at MCDT was a fantastic experience and beyond what I expected!  I want to say a big thank you.  If it hadn’t been for their brilliant team I would not be here today.”

When asked for comments or feedback that may help to deliver a better service, Liz found that the service she received couldn’t have been improved upon as she rated the service she received at 100% and said that “the staff are just lovely and very welcoming”.



Liz has Ushers Syndrome, a condition which means that she is hard of hearing and also partially sighted. To assist Liz she has a guide dog, a black Labrador, called Whitney.

After being on Employment Support Allowance for some time. Liz was returning to work after a ten year gap in her employment. She  had previously worked as an administrative worker for a Mortgage Company and in the reception of a Solicitors and was looking at returning to this type of work.

Liz was referred to the Health and Wellbeing Programme by her Job Centre Plus Advisor

Liz started to work with Jane Cartwright initially and after completing the STEPS and EPPs programmes felt ready to move back into the work environment and take on a volunteering role to help build her refresh her skills. A volunteering role within Manor Park Community Space was found for Liz. This meant that she was also able to engage with the Employment Support Services there and worked with Dave Thomas, Karine Ball and Derek Hopkinson to develop her a current CV and with job searches, applications and interview techniques.

Liz found her voluntary experience working within MCDT to be invaluable.  It gave her the opportunity to see that she could manage her job role within the reception area and the office environment with her guide dog and that Whitney fitted in well.

It gave her confidence to seek employment positively, knowing that her condition was manageable within the workplace and she was able to explain to potential employers the logistics and practicalities of how she and her guide dog worked successfully while working as a volunteer.

Liz began to attend interviews and was successful on the third occasion. Liz has recently completed her 4 week probation period and has been offered a full contract with the HolidayInn Royal Victoria, working in the finance department.  She is keeping in touch with us and will be provided with in work support if it is required.


Quote from Liz's Employer

Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria Hotel

"Employment opportunities are hard to find at the moment without having extra challenges. I believe in giving people a chance and I feel thankful that the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria is able to employ Liz (and Whitney). A service like the MCDT is obviously crucial in offering support and advice to people seeking employment, and in matching suitable roles within organisations to their clients. Liz is very capable, determined to succeed and with the perfect attitude to work which makes her an absolute pleasure to have in my team."

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