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Harborough Avenue Murals Project


Harborough Avenue Murals Project As part of the ongoing Economic Recovery Fund initiative in 2024 we are once again working with Alastair Flindall, a Sheffield-based Community Artist from Neck of the Wood Studio. 

Harborough Avenue Murals Project2024-05-08T11:09:11+01:00

NEW Monthly Carers Group


NEW Monthly Carers Group It’s a chance to meet other carers in a similar situation as yourself for a chat and a drink. We’ll aim to bring in speakers from time to time

NEW Monthly Carers Group2023-08-24T16:13:06+01:00

Age Friendly Sheffield Lifetime Achiever


Diana - Age Friendly Sheffield Lifetime Achiever.  At the first-ever awards to recognise individuals, businesses and community groups who make Sheffield a great place to grow old. A huge congratulations to Diana Booth for

Age Friendly Sheffield Lifetime Achiever2023-11-20T11:34:17+00:00


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