Accident & Incidents – Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Updated 13 Oct 2020

It is a legal requirement to keep Accident and Incident Records and maintain the records for three years.

Any injury or illness that is reported must be recorded on an Accident or Incident Record Form.

The following must be included:

  • Time, date and place of any incident or accident.
  • A brief description of the  accident and circumstances.
  • Description of any first aid administered.
  • Staff involved and what they did.
  • Details of who/which organisations were also informed.
  • Signature of the parent of the child.
  • Signature of the person making the report.

Serious Accidents

The following should be followed:

  • Regardless of whether the casualty is a child or an adult, one staff member must stay with the injured person at all times while another staff member contacts the emergency services.
  • Unless the casualty is in further danger, (e.g. from falling objects) they must not be moved.
  • Ensure the casualty is breathing and conscious
  • Remain calm and talk to the casualty in a positive manner.


All incidents will be recorded on an Accidents or Incidents Record Form.

The following will be considered important to report:

  • Theft
  • Attempted break-in
  • Intruder and security incidents
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Personal injury
  • Casualty requiring hospitalisation
  • Flood damage
  • Mass food poisoning
  • Notifiable disease

Parents will be given a duplicate copy of the report when their child is involved.

Ofsted, Riddor and the local safeguarding office should also be informed within 14 days if an accident results in a serious injury.