Admissions – Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Statement of Intent

To provide a clear admissions procedure.  A professional approach to delivering quality early years care and education.

It starts with our clear, concise process of admission:

  • Speak with parents/carers either face to face or over the telephone.
  • Identify availability of places.
  • A home visit will be arranged with parents/carers.  During the home visit:
    • Staff discuss allocated days / times of attendance with parents/carers and complete admissions form etc. listed on the home visiting pack (appendix one).
    • The staff member must ask to see the birth certificate, identify and record if other professionals are involved
    • Introduce our policies and procedures.
    • Parent/carer should be asked to complete a baseline (All About Me – On Entry Star sheets) for each new child, this baseline must be recorded on Tapestry 2 weeks after the child begins preschool.
  • On the first preschool visit parents stay with their child for an hour. The key worker/manager completes listed documents (appendix two). Key worker to engage with the child and parent.
  • The contract will need to be signed.
  • On the second preschool visit parent/carer remain in the building but leave the childcare room, if appropriate. A start date will be agreed by the key worker and parent/carer when the child is settled. This can take more than two visits. Parents will be asked to leave their children for at least 1 hour to allow the child to become familiar with the other children/staff and routines.  The parent/carer is to remain in the building during this hour.
  • An assessment 6 week Review will be completed within six weeks of the child starting Preschool and shared with parent/carer. A parental evaluation form must be completed by the parent/carer at this time.
  • Termly; child development reviews will be arranged between parent and key worker. See key worker policy.
  • Our other policies are available on this sites via our Polices Index page

Appendix One: Visiting Pack

To be completed by key worker and parent/carer:

  • Admission Form
  • Baby Entry Record (under 2’s)
  • Photo/Video Permission Form
  • All About Me – On Entry Star Sheets
  • All About Me Profile

To be introduced by key worker and given to parent/carer:

  • Wow Moments
  • Pre School Leaflet
  • Policies and Procedures Leaflet
  • Schema Leaflet
  • Pre School Song Book
  • British Values Leaflet

Appendix Two: Preschool Vist

To be completed by key worker/manager:

  • Pre School Contract
  • FEL Contract