Safety – Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Updated 13 Oct 2020

The Safety of young children and adults is of paramount importance.

In order to ensure the safety Pre-School ensure that:

  • All Children are supervised by adults at all times and will always be within sight or hearing of an adult.
  • Regular safety monitoring will include the checking of the accident and incident record by the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.
  • Children will leave the group only with authorised adults.
  • If the playground entrance has to be locked, there is a key close by at adults’ level.
  • Outdoor space is securely fenced and checked daily.
  • The layout and space ratios allow children and adults to move safely and freely between activities.
  • Fires / heaters / electric points / wires and leads are adequately guarded.
  • Children do not have unsupervised access to kitchens, cookers or any cupboards storing hazardous material including matches.
  • Staff must be within sight or hearing of another adult and within ratio when caring for children on a different childcare floor.
  • There is no smoking within the building or on the premises. MCDT Smoking Policy must be followed at all times. In addition staff must cover or change uniform and hair must be tied back when having a cigarette break.  Staff must not smell of tobacco when re entering the building.
  • Fire extinguishers are checked annually.
  • Large equipment is erected with care and checked regularly.
  • On outings, the adult – child ratio will be at least 2:1 and under 1 year olds 1:1.
  • Equipment offered to children is developmentally appropriate, recognising that materials suitable for an older child may pose a risk to younger / less mature children.
  • The premises are checked at the beginning and end of the day and indoor and outdoor daily risk assessments are completed twice daily.
  • All adults are aware of the system(s) in operation for children’s arrivals and departures and an adult will be at the door during these periods.
  • Safety checks on premises, both outdoors and indoors, are made twice daily.
  • Low level glass will be covered or replaced by safety glass.
  • Equipment is checked regularly and any dangerous items repaired / discarded.
  • Fire doors are never obstructed.
  • All dangerous materials, including medicines and cleaning materials are stored out of reach of children.
  • Hot drinks are not allowed within the childcare rooms at any time.
  • A register is completed as people arrive to ensure that complete records of those present is available in an emergency.
  • A correctly stocked first aid box is available at all times.
  • Whenever children are on the premises at least two adults are present in the building.
  • Activities such as cooking, woodwork and energetic play receive close and constant supervision.
  • If a small group goes out, there will be sufficient adults to maintain appropriate ratios for staff and children remaining in the premises.
  • Dogs are not allowed on nursery premises. All staff are to challenge dog owners and ask that they be removed from the premises immediately.
  • Preschool staff will apply sun cream to children when necessary before going outdoors.
  • Internal safety gates / barriers are used as necessary.