Transition – Woodthorpe Children Centres Polices

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Statement of Intent

For children to feel safe, confident, stimulated and happy in pre-school and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. Our aim is for the transition to be as streamlined as possible and parents to be confident in their children’s wellbeing and their role as active partners.


  • Parents/Carers are contacted and a home visit is arranged.
  • To aid transition into pre-school we invite parent/carers to stay with their child on at least two occasions until parent/carers and staff agrees that the child has settled.
  • We allocate a key worker to each child. The key person welcomes and interacts with the child and parent/carers at the child’s first session. This person is the main contact for parents whenever possible and will build a professional relationship with the parent.
  • During the home visit and the first preschool visit the key worker will explain and complete registration records and lay the foundations for a reciprocal relationship.
  • Within the first two weeks of attendance we discuss and work with the child’s parent/carers to create their child’s developmental baseline. The child’s development is reviewed against their baseline within the first 6 weeks of attendance and progress discussed with parents/carers at an initial review meeting. This review along with observations will be used to inform the child’s individual planning.
  • When a child is ready to move from Sunbeams to Moonbeams their key worker will meet with the new key worker and begin transition.
  • The length of transition will depend on the child.
  • The key worker and parent/carers will discuss how to best complete the transition and discuss time scales.
  • When a child is leaving the setting the key worker will complete a transition record and discuss the child’s progress with the parent/carer.
  • The key worker will contact the new setting and arrange to either meet with the member of staff or visit the setting to discuss the transition record.
  • We aim to either take the child to the new setting or the member of staff visit preschool to meet the child before transition occurs. A record of progress will accompany