Trips and Outings – Woodthorpe Children Centres Polices

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Trips and outings need to be pre-planned due to the requirement for extra staff on these occasions. Parents/carers will be informed of the destination and time of trips in advance with a risk management form being completed before the trip takes place.


The Preschool insurance will be checked to ensure that it adequately covers any off site trip.

Planning for trips

Before the trip can take place a signed consent form is needed for each child to be taken off-sight.

The trip leader will:

  • Have a list of the names of every child who is going on the trip including: Emergency contact numbers, copies of medical, registration and consent forms for each child present.
  • Have a charged and credited mobile phone that will be taken on every outing.
  • Take a first aid kit on every trip and a qualified first aider will be present.
  • Ask parents to ensure suitable clothing and foot wear for the outing is worn by their children

Trip costs

Many trips will not require payment in addition to the usual childcare fees. If a trip is proposed which may require additional fees this will have to be negotiated with parents/carers.


The ratios of staff to children on trips will be:

  • 2 to 1 for children over 1yr
  • 1.1 for children under 1yr

If any children are left behind at the base, at least two members of staff should stay behind with them.  Ratios must be correct for the children remaining in pre school and staff will have a list of the remaining children.

During the trip

  • Regular head counts will be carried out throughout the trip.
  • Children will walk in pairs in “crocodile” fashion with staff stopping the traffic to ensure safe crossing of the roads.
  • It may be appropriate for the children to wear badges/ wrist straps when on an outing. These will not bare the child’s name but the name and telephone number of Sunshine Pre School.
  • Parents/carers may collect their child direct from the trip location but they will be expected to sign when taking their child in the usual way.