Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Safe Sleeping

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Our Aim:

To provide a safe, comfortable environment in which children can rest during the day.  To promote the importance of sleep and its benefits to the well being and learning of children.

Key Worker to:

  • Discuss with parents best sleep patterns for their child whilst in the setting
  • Gather information on how child sleeps at home, any comforter or preferences they may have
  • Inform parents/carers of all sleep a child has during the day by completing a daily sheet

To minimise the risk of SIDS the following procedures must be followed:

  • Babies to always be placed on their backs to sleep, unless parent/carers provide medical evidence stating this is not best practice for their child
  • Babies will be placed with their feet closest to the bottom of the cot without a blanket to minimise the risk of over heating during sleep
  • Babies will never be put down to sleep with a bottle to self feed
  • Sleeping babies and children will be visually monitored and checks recorded every 10 minutes

Providing a safe sleeping environment:

  • Room temperatures are recorded daily and monitored throughout the day to ensure that the optimum temperature remains between 16-18C
  • Ensure cot sides are securely raised after placing child in the cot
  • Children will be appropriately dressed and light blankets (if comforter) used to avoid over heating
  • At no time should mattresses be raised to aid coughing children.  Coughing  children should be supervised by staff at all times when sleeping
  • Safety approved cots and sleep mats are compliant with British Standard Regulations, and mattress covers are used in conjunction with a fitted sheet
  • Every child will be provided with clean bedding that is changed daily
  • Toys and stuffed animals from home will only be used under supervision as a comforter and removed when the child is asleep
  • All children must sleep in a cot or an approved sleep mat, they must not sleep in a nesting ring, car seat, pram or bean bag
  • Should a child fall asleep in a practitioners arms they will be transferred to a safe sleeping surface (cot or sleep mat)
  • Children arriving at nursery asleep in a car seat or pram must be transferred to a safe sleeping surface (cot or sleep mat)
  • All bibs, neckerchiefs and dummy strings to be removed from sleeping children
  • In compliance with our Smoking Policy all staff must ensure that their clothes, hair and breath do not smell of smoke whilst at work