Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Procedures for Lost & Uncollected Children

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Lost Children

  • Every effort is made to ensure the safety of the children before, during and after Pre-School.
  • Before children’s contracted pre school hours, parents are responsible for their children.
  • Parents/carers must “sign in and sign out” their child on arrival and departure.
  • A full register should be taken at the beginning of each session and a headcount made of the children.
  • A member of staff should supervise the door when parents are entering and exiting, ensuring the door is locked at all times.
  • If anyone suspects a child is missing, the room leader in charge aided by staff should bring all the children to the book corner to enable a register and headcount to be taken.
  • If there is a child missing, the manager should first carry out a detailed search of the premises (indoors and outdoors).
  • If the child has not been found, Woodthorpe Community Primary School should be contacted and the manager should ask permission to carry out a check of the school grounds. (With another member of staff, if staff/child ratios in the playroom can be maintained).
  • If the child cannot be found the parents should be contacted, and the police should be notified. Parents and police must be contacted within 15 minutes of the child going missing.
  • If the child lives within walking distance a member of staff will walk to the child’s home looking for the child.
  • Unless the safety of the other children has been put at risk, the session may continue under the care of the Senior Early Years Practioner.
  • A full report of the incident should be made by the manager on the same day. (Whether or not the child has been found.) This should be brought to the attention of MCDT CEO Debbie Matthews and Sheffield Safeguarding Hub and Ofsted should be notified when appropriate.

Missing/Absent Children

  • If a child is absent without explanation for 2 sessions, keyperson must contact parent/carer by telephone, enquire reason of absence and expected return date. This must be recorded in absent children book in Management office. If there is no contact made a second phone call must be made the following missed session.
  • If a child is absent for 1 week without explanation an Absent Child letter must be sent to parent/carers (keyperson to inform management of missing child)
  • If child missing for more than 1 week SL and DSL to follow missing child procedure.
  • If a child accessing Free Funded Hours (FEL) is missing for 4 weeks (or 20 single missed sessions) management to inform Sheffield City Council and suspend the child’s place.