Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Infant Feeding

Updated 13 Oct 2020

Our Aim:

  • To promote breast feeding as the healthiest way for a parent to feed a baby and to ensure the health benefits of breastfeeding are promoted within the setting. 
  • To provide clear and impartial information on infant feeding to all families.
  • To work with parents to enable them to continue to breastfeed/provide expressed breast milk whilst their child attends the setting.
  • To have access to support and information enabling mothers to continue to breastfeed, this should include information from the Infant Feeding Peer Support Team and local support groups.
  • Staff must not discriminate against any woman in her chosen method of infant feeding and will fully support the choice the mother has made.
  • All women wishing to feed a child must be provided with a quiet space with an appropriate chair.  Hand washing and toilet facilities must be made available for the parent to use
  • Staff must follow the MCDT policy on Breastfeeding

Safe Storage of Breast Milk

  • Breast milk must be stored under the correct conditions for the safety and health of the child.  Staff must follow the procedure below to enable express milk to be given to an infant attending the setting
  • Breast milk must be brought into the setting in appropriate sterilised bottle.
  • Bottle/container must be clearly labelled with the following:
    • Mother’s Name
    • Child’s Name
    • Date and Time Expressed
    • If frozen date the breast milk was removed from freezer
  • Breast milk must be stored in the breast milk box within the main body of the milk fridge (not in the fridge door).
  • Milk fridge must be set to between 0-4 degrees centigrade
  • Breast milk must be provided on the day it is to be used and discarded if not consumed on the day or given back to parent
  • Hands must be washed thoroughly before and after handling breast milk bottle/container
  • Only heat breast milk by standing bottle in hot water, ensuring water doesn’t enter the bottle to reduce risk of contamination
  • All unused breast milk must be disposed of immediately after the feed.

Preparation of Infant Formula Feeds

  • Formula milk to be prepared by staff when child initiated feed required using child’s own formula powder, clearly labelled with child’s name.   Powdered formula feed must be within the expiry date.
  • All bottles must be clearly labelled with child’s name and date and time prepared by the member of staff preparing the bottle.
  • Staff must wash hands thoroughly and wear a blue apron before handling formula feed.
  • Prepared formula feed must be used immediately and any unconsumed feed discarded within 2 hours of preparation.
  • Formula feed must be made up of boiling water of at least 70C to ensure  all bacteria are killed off, then cooled quickly by standing in cold water to the required temperature.
  • A fresh bottle must be made up for every feed and not stored for later use.

Sterilising Equipment

  • All equipment used for infant feeding preparation (breast milk or formula milk feeding) must be sterilised.
  • All equipment should be cleaned in hot soapy water then rinsed in cold, clean, running water before being placed in the steriliser.
  • Preparation surfaces should be kept clean at all times.