Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies


Updated 13 Oct 2020

  • An Outdoor Risk Assessment is undertaken daily by a member of staff.   Pre-School will ensure provision for all areas of the curriculum are available both indoor and outdoor where possible.
  • The children have frequent access to outdoor provision and experiences which include free time and structured small group time.
  • Due regard is given to staff ratios while children are playing outside.
  • We will encourage children to take risks and promote challenging but safe activities.
  • Staff will manage and continually assess the level of risk and the child’s ability to master the challenges provided.
  • Access to outdoor provision is monitored by staff to ensure all children are encouraged to experience activities outside.
  • All broken or unsafe outdoor equipment and resources are removed or replaced.
  • Covered outdoor areas can be accessed at all times to provide shade and shelter from the weather conditions.   In warm weather children will be encouraged to wear sun hats and  sun cream outdoors.  During hot temperatures activities will be provided indoors, avoiding exposure to the mid-day sun.
  • In the event of an accident to a child whilst playing outside, the policy for accidents will take affect.