Woodthorpe Children Centres Policies

Parental Partnership

Updated 13 Oct 2020

We believe that children benefit most from early years care and education when parents and pre-school work together in true, shared partnership. These working relationships are professional and informed.

Our Aim

  • To value and support parents as they are the children’s first and most important educators.
  • To involve parents in the life of the Pre-School and their children’s education.
  • To support parents in their own continuing education and personal development.


In order to fulfil these aims:

  • Encourage home observations and share photographs taken within the Pre-school and the home.
  • We are committed to ongoing reciprocal dialogue with parents to improve our knowledge of the interests and needs of their children.
  • Thorough access to written information and thorough regular informal communication, we inform all parents about how the Pre-School is run and its policies. We check to ensure parents understand the information which is given to them.
  • We operate an open door policy and inform all parents on a regular basis about their children’s progress.
  • We involve parents in the shared record keeping about their children – both formally and informally – and ensure parents have access to their children’s written records and encourage discussion by utilising photos.
  • We welcome contributions of parents, in whatever forms these may take. We provide a variety of communication outlets ie discussions with keyworker, Tapestry: online learning journal, WOW moments, Ask Me About Stickers, termly Parent review meetings, Parent Boards.
  • We inform all parents of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions and check to ensure these have been understood. All parents have access to our written complaints procedure (Praise and grumble).
  • We provide opportunities for parents to learn about the Pre-school curriculum and about young children’s learning (termly reviews), in the Pre-school and at home.
  • Invite parents to share their cultures, trades and talents.

The following documentation is in place:

  • Admissions policy
  • Complaints procedure
  • Record of complaints
  • Planning sheets