After a great 2018 in the community garden with a bumper crop of homegrown tomatoes to a giant pumpkin.   That saw the group create amazing pieces of metal artwork that took pride of place in the community garden and even got displayed in the Millennium Gallery.

2019 will be another fantastic year for the Community Garden Project

Group of photos showing flowers and a sign saying "home grown tastes better"

The Project is every Tuesday from:

5 March 2019
9.30am – 1.30pm

outside Park Centre just off Coates Street, Sheffield S2 5QP.

Everyone is welcome.

Come along be it for just a cup of tea or coffee and a chat or take part in the gardening or activities taking place on the day.

What’s the Garden project about?

Photo of an aluminium parrot

It’s just a little over two years ago that the project came about on a sunny day at a Health Champions event.  Diane Cairns who works for Manor & Castle Development Trust Ltd (MCDT) discussed the idea with two Health Champions.  She had the idea of creating a nice green space, a little garden that would be where local people could come to sit down outside and have a chat.  You could take part in different activities, make new friends and chat about different things.

Diane, Jenny and Chantelle discussed the idea  and turned it in to a little project and went to Park Centre’s Park Community Action Group (PCA) to get their permission and thoughts about the project.


Local people work with Ruskin Sheffield & Artist in residence.

Photo of Art in the Community Garden

Early in 2018 the Park Centre Community Garden group met with Ruth Nutter from Ruskin Sheffield and arts council funding was applied for.

By the Summer the community garden had Jason – Artist in residence and metal work expert.  Jason joined the group on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.

Members of the community garden upskilled and excelled at making beautiful pieces of metal artwork that got displayed within the community garden.

Friday 8 February 2019 saw the launch of the latest Ruskin Collection at the Millennium Gallery.   The display focuses on Ruskin’s popular natural history specimens.   If you visit the exhibition look out for our group’s  pieces of metal artwork of animals and insects perched around the gallery.  The art will be on display till 1st September this year.

As a result the group has grown and is open to the local community and users of Park Centre and the surrounding area.  It is a place to share skills and experiences and make new friends.

Individuals have a safe environment where they feel useful, can connect with people and find out what is happening across the area.

There is always a cuppa on a Tuesday morning available, but individuals do visit the garden on other days to weed, plant and water or do art.

Photo of Paula Cowley and the Community Garden Group

Come and join us Tuesdays from 9.30am

Outside Park Centre just off Coates Street
Sheffield S2 5QP