On Sunday 27 May 2018 Wendy Kettleborough plans to run the Edinburgh half marathon to raise money for the local Sunshie Pre-School located in the Woodthorpe area of Sheffield.  Sunshine Pre-school needs to raise £20,000 to ensure it remains viable. Recently awarded “ Outstanding “ for their high quality provision (see Ofstead latest report here).  The funds that are raised will go to ensure they can continue to support children of parents that work, parents that are training and parents that have other responsibilities.

Sunshine Pre-School Poem

The government is funding childcare, and although they insist it’s “free,”
The amount they give us isn’t anywhere near the amount it needs to be!
So MCDT, a charity, provide money to ensure,
There’s heat and light, food and toys and carpet on the floor.

They’ve paid the wages, made repairs, helped us create happy place,
But still we need more money or past efforts will be a waste.
Some parents study, some parents work, some just complete their chores,
Their children range from 0 -5 they’re all our “little stars “

Our children explore when they come and play,
They enjoy the challenges and laugh each day,
More than one hundred smiling faces, all learning as they play
Please can you sponsor Wendy as she raises funds in May?

Your support counts

If  you like to make a donation and support Wendy Kettleborough as she runs the half marathon in Edinburgh on Sunday 27 May 2018 . You can make a donation at http://mydonate.bt.com/events/edinburghhalfmarathon2018/462358, no matter how big or small, all will be welcome.