Finding new joy in life

At our dementia friendly activity, the Spires Café, people either with or without dementia can have a go at starting a new hobby or interest.

Pat, who has dementia, had never done any embroidery before but was encouraged to give it a go back in May 22. Dawn, who is one of our star volunteers, began showing Pat some of the basics starting with a 4-inch square and supported her when she needed it.

Pat enjoyed learning this new skill so much that she would take the embroidery home to keep up her new hobby.

Dawn slowly introduced Pat to more and more difficult pieces and she worked her way up to 10-inch pieces. Dawn collected all her work that Pat had made since May and created a blanket containing every piece and this was given to Pat as a Christmas present in December at the Spires Christmas party.

This is truly amazing of both Pat and Dawn and, I can tell you, there were a good few tears around the café that day.

Dawn has shown that people with dementia can learn and enjoy new hobbies and skills.

Photo of Dawn & Pat with the embroidered blanket