Harborough Avenue Murals Project

As part of the ongoing Economic Recovery Fund initiative in 2024 we are once again working with Alastair Flindall, a Sheffield-based Community Artist from Neck of the Wood Studio.  Alastair previous collaborated with us on the Manor Park Art Trail Murals located on the Shopping precinct at Manor Park Centre brining together the tales of Manor Park’s community members.

This year Alastair will be working on two more murals for us, one will be for the wall on the end of the shops on Harborough Avenue where Premier Convenance store is located and the second will be created on boards and temporary located across the road from the shops on the car park wall at Steel Inn Centre. We will then later on look to relocate these boards and display the work in another location within the area.

Part of the project has been working with local schools in the area.   Alastair has been working with Sheffield Park Academy & Emmaus Primary School.  Sheffield Park Academy Yr. 10s did a whole day on the day and a life of a mural artist and learned about what it in tailed being a mural artist.  They spent a day visiting the site, measured all the spaces and learn how to use sign writing tools in the morning.  Later in the afternoon they did some design work for the murals.

The Letter E