What’s it all about?

Be Cancer SAFE cancer Champions are ordinary people who help spread awareness about cancer.  They share with others as part of their everyday life simple cancer messages including; how to recognise signs and symptoms of cancer, how to check your body for lumps and where to go for help if you’re worried about cancer.  We have resources available to help you pass these messages on.

Who can be a Cancer Champion?

Anyone!  A Cancer Champion can be anyone who cares about spreading cancer awareness messages and signposting people to services.

It’s important to remember you don’t have to be a medical professional to be a Cancer Champion.  A big part of being a champion is communication and empowerment.

Is there a time commitment?

No – You’ll find there are some key actions and achievements we’ll be working towards but it is up to you how and when you are involved.

In most Cases being a Cancer Champion won’t take up much time but will make a BIG impact!

How can I get involved?

The best way is to get involved is to contact the organisation leading on Be Cancer SAFE in your area.  For Sheffield that is Manor & Castle Development Trust Ltd.  You can contact Diane Cairns on 0114 278 9999 to find out more.