It’ important just do something and be active!

Last year I signed up as an Move More Ambassador as I wanted to support other people to move more!  In my youth I avoided sport at school like the plague.  Though about 6 years ago I worked out that doing physical activity was good for me!

Well into my middle age (and beyond) I have discovered thanks to Sheffield Castle Parkrun, I actually like running!  Recently injured though and can not take part in Parkrun and Evolve, I’m suffering from run-envy.  At a meeting though for Move More Ambassadors at the Circle.  The meeting reminded me how important it is to just do something and be active.  So I am off for a walk this weekend,  it’s not running but its moving more and I know I will feel better for it.

If you are interested in Move More – vist the website: – anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to join up as a Move More Ambassador.