About these books…

These children’s books mirror the “lived experience” of children. Understanding why children do what they do  improves relationships, reduces frustration  and provides insight into what children could be learning. Valuing how children play rather than what they are playing with provides affirmation, promotes confidence, builds resilience and enhances a child’s imagination.

“Image of the real Matthew 10 years on signing books at the initial book launch.”

Anna Ephgrave, Early Years Specialist, Consultant and Author of Planning in the Moment with Children (2018) writes…

“The ‘Little Schema Series’ of books appeal to babies and children alike.  The clear illustrations capture the attention of young babies, whilst the messages and rhymes are enjoyed by much older children.  For practitioners and parents, the explanation, and illustrations of schemas, will enhance their observation and understanding of child development.

The books celebrate the curiosity and drive within each child.  They also describe the powerful learning that comes about when a child is given the freedom to lead the play and to develop that play in the way that they find appealing.

A particularly powerful quote for me is ‘We let her lead her learning, knowing her experiences were building her brain.’  My grandchildren love these books and my daughters have been able to relate the examples to the patterns they observe in their children’s play.  These books would be a superb addition to any family or setting.”

About the author…

Wendy J Kettleborough has extensive experience of Early Years across the Education, Social and PVI sectors.
She is an Early Years Consultant, has worked for Pen Green and local Early Years settings.
An avid advocate for children and life-long learning, her longitudinal study of “Children and Schemas” has resulted in the publication of these books.