This is the 5th book in “The Little Schema Series ” and it focusses on the idea of clusters of schemas.

A cluster of schemas is when a child’s individual schemas merge together. In this book we explore connection, separation  and positioning . But a cluster could be any combination of any schemas.

Schemas are pivotal to successful cognitive development as HOW children are playing and not WHAT they are playing with is key. Emotionally children need to explore separation and connection to understand the concept of being reunited. That separation can be temporary .  Or permanent.  Re-connecting items can help later, more complex concepts i.e. phonics, coordination and most importantly self efficacy. As the old saying goes ” if you think you can you probably will. If you think you can’t you won’t. ”

This book also highlights the importance of art in development. Reviewing the pictures and paintings of children can provide insight into the concepts children are currently exploring.