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Charlotte loves things that go round


Charlotte loves things that go round is the second in the series and explores a rotation schema or pattern in play.
Charlotte is fascinated by things that spin, rotate, whirl or turn. She is attracted to the circular movement she sees and will happily spin the wheels of a car rather than push it across the floor. The ideas she is exploring relate to speed, shape weight and force. Being allowed to play and lead her own learning helps build her confidence and allows her to make sense of her world.


“The Charlotte book explores things that go round. After sharing the book during a story session the children enjoyed finding circles and things that were round within the Nursery and at home”.
Toni – Early Years Practitioner
“I was amazed when my son started using words like rotation, circular and revolve in his everyday conversation … he’s only 3!”.
Kelly-Anne, Noah, Lottie and Lilliemae’s Mum


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