Slow cookers help keep cooking costs down in the face of rising energy bills

Best Start was thrilled to be able to access £980 ward pot funding for 40 families in the Shiregreen & Brightside area and to be able to provided with a slow cooker to help keep cooking costs down in the face of rising energy bills .  The families were also provided with a healthy eating slow cooker recipe book and pantry pack of non perishable foods.

The slow cooker project was very gratefully received as people were desperate for new ideas for affordable healthy meals.

We now have a Facebook page to share meals with each other and talk about hints and tips, everyone is enjoying the support of this page.  It is called “Best Start Slow cooker recipes”  this is also used by families from  all our Parent & Toddler groups around Manor and Castle, Norfolk Park and Arbourthorn, Darnall and Tinsley.

Nicola Senior

Best Start Early Years for Shiregreen & Brightside

“I received the slow cooker cook book & a bag of essentials to start a few meals in it and we love it! I have 3 young kids and a busy life so having the ideas for the slow cooker have been a life saver to put something in the morning and have something ready for everybody at the end of the day! It’s really helped me save some money being able to make some money saving meals too! X”.

Cassy Butterworth

“Getting the slow cooker was best thing we’ve had. It helps us with meals and makes it a lot easier to plan what we’re having and I don’t have to be stood at the oven all the time so I get more time to spend with my family. And it’s made it cheaper than having to buy lots of different meals we can just make one big meal in the slow cooker. This is the spag Bol that i made the other day and there was still 3 meal tubs left for work 😀”,


“Hey it was super helpful as gave us some new meal plans and the ingredients provided where great too. Xxxx”

Kayleigh Cope
Photo of a person with a book titled the Healthy slow cooker Book
Photo of a book titled the Healthy slow cooker Book with ingredients displayed on a kitchen worktop.