The future is on the right track

Through support of the Youth Hub Programme run at Community Space, Tyler Smedley (21), the future is looking great as he starts his new career in rail track maintenance through YFL Training.

Tyler’s journey began when he walked through our door looking for work at our Youth Hub, based at Community Space on Manor Park Centre. He had been in several jobs previously but found they did not really suit him, and he was not sure what career path he wanted to take next.

At first when he arrived, he was nervous, but after a while found the experience welcoming and was reassured that he would get the support and help he needed when he met with his community progression mentor Karen.

Together, Tyler and Karen, looked through different types of jobs and options that might be of interest to him and then Karen mentioned Rail Track, which got him intrigued as it was something he had always wanted to do.

Pictured: - John Brookes (Tutor), Cory Capes, Tyler Smedley, Charlie Bunting, & Kevin Wroe (Rail Operations Director)

With that in mind, Karen contacted YFL Training  who offer courses in Rail Track Maintenance to find out more and see when the next course would start.  With Tyler’s consent, Karen sent his details to YFL Training, and they got in touch to invite him to an induction day which included a Maths & English test.  After completing the test, they offered Tyler a place on the course which started in June of 2023.

While waiting for the course to start, Tyler to continued to be supported by Karen with his job searching, interview skills, improving his CV, and helped to keep him motivated until the rail course started which boosted his confidence a lot and gave him something positive to lookh forward to.

In June the course started and lasted 8 weeks equipping him with the competencies and the skill set he would need to work in rail track maintenance. At the end he took all his exams and passed and gained his PTS (Personal Track Safety Licence) Level 2 Diploma in Rail Engineering. At the end it left Tyler feeling good about himself, gave him confidence and helped him confirm that this was something he definitely wanted to do in his life.

Tyler is now in full-time employment through YFL Training and is looking forward to the future and his career working in Rail Track maintenance.

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