“The Little Schemas Series ”

Launch of the 5th book in the series.

12 June 2024

Wednesday evening, saw a reception held at the Quadrant in Sheffield for the official launch of the 5th book in The Little Schemas Series – “A Cluster of Schemas with Millie”.  Previous books, written by Wendy Kettleborough, see her this time joined by her granddaughter Millie who also features in the book, help write some of the pages.  The book focusses on the idea of clusters of schemas and like the other books, it is all about patterns of children’s play and how children learn.

Perspective is everything.

‘We’re not taught about schemes, and it’s not a hard thing, you do not need to be a specialist in early years to know about schemas, but once you know about schemas you kind of change the way you look at things.’ says Wendy Kettleborough.

It’s not about what children are playing with, but it’s about how they are playing and when you look at it from their perspective, you realise they are also learning too, because perspective is everything.

The new book has got a little bit about perspective and got things about not doing things the way you would expect them to be done. Wendy points out ‘not all children will do things the way you would expect them to do.  That’s because they are not you and they are exploring and making sense of world around them in their own way.’

“Today we need to let children be.”

Often, we’re looking at what we want them to be doing and been compliant and doing what they are told rather than just letting them be.  We need to move away from this as it can stunt creativity.  Instead, we need to let them be and start looking to what they are actually doing because they are the ones who can make a difference in future, and we need to listen to their voices.

Vicky Carr

Early Years Quality Access Moderation Manager

“At Early Years, we are all very passionate about early years and that education that we give children to start their life with.

I’ve been in Sheffield City Council now for six years and when I met Wendy I knew as soon as I met her, I met a Kindred spirit.”

“She’s my person, she’s my early years guru, she’s the person who I do fully believe in and sometimes have to tell her that she needs to believe in herself as well.  So sometimes it’s quite sort of like a bit of tough love that I have to give Wendy, but it has helped, and it has worked. And yes, we did buy the book before it had even been published or produced because we do have that belief in Wendy and the importance of schemas within early years in education.”

Feedback that we’ve had from some of Wendy’s training:

“It’s lighting, engaging, it makes things make sense, informative and “WoW, Wow, Wow.

“Congratulations, Wendy we’re all really proud.”

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These children’s books mirror the “lived experience” of children. Understanding why children do what they do improves relationships, reduces frustration and provides insight into what children could be learning. Valuing how children play rather than what they are playing with provides affirmation, promotes confidence, builds resilience and enhances a child’s imagination.

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