Due to the chronic and sustained underfunding of the Early Years Sector, we currently find ourselves in an untenable position. The government’s own financial prediction identified an additional 2 billion pounds would be needed to ensure the delivery of a quality early years’ service. After just £300 million (15%) of investment, we are willing to take an unprecedented approach to address the numerous challenges we face. #TheEarlyYearsMovement is aimed at bringing all elements of our sector together. Highlighting the challenges, we face and demanding resolution in a swift and timely manner.

 Parents are being exploited. Early Years Professionals are being exploited and children are being failed.

 Charities, Independent organisations and Local Councils have been forced into an unsustainable position through inadequate funding. This is impacting on the lives of our youngest children and must stop!

 We need your help. We are asking for Parents, Professionals, Family Members and Friends to lend us their voice. Anyone that cares about the future of their children, the future of society or the future of democracy can help shape the future.

  • *The government advertises “free” childcare to parents but knows they will be expected to contribute to the cost of their child’s early education. Nurseries and Pre-Schools are having to charge a consumable charge so they can pay staff wages. This misrepresentation is unethical.
  •  * Funding is extremely low which means Nurseries and Pre-Schools can only afford to pay minimum wage for their well-qualified, experienced and professional staff members. This is disrespectful, demoralising and degrading.
  •  *Early Years Practitioners carry out a complex role. This includes assessment, planning and liaising with other professionals. This, coupled with the need to undertake mandatory ongoing professional development in Special Education, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene and First Aid demands commitment and reflection. Yet the salary fails to recognise or value the role and responsibilities needed to be part of the valuable Early Years sector. A lack of investment is dismissive of their extensive and complex skills.
  •  *Implementing inadequate funding levels that create and compound the attainment gap is immoral. The youngest children are having their future life chances damaged by not being able to access early years education which is crucial to them being lifelong learners or ‘school ready’
  •  *Nurseries and Pre-Schools are closing. This is forcing parents into financial instability as a lack of childcare has a direct impact on the opportunity to work, train or volunteer. The lack of affordable early years provision is a national travesty.

There is no financial incentive to stay in the Early Years sector, no funding to support progression and this is leading to a mass exodus of experienced and newly qualified staff. Recruitment is at an all-time low and nurseries are closing as they cannot recruit to their available positions.

 We need to make a difference for future generations. Please use the power of the pen to push forward our priorities. Let’s be heard. Please ask yourselves “What would parents do without Early Years settings?”

Please follow the link: https://www.change.org/TheEarlyYearsMovement to sign the petition and support us.