Photo of LinziWhat changed for me around March 2018 after going to the doctors about my weight as my back and knees started to feel the strain, as well as the daily mental struggle to even look at myself in the mirror.  Something had to give!

I started Kellyanne’s classes and I’ve never looked back!   The classes have helped me in every way possible as well as losing nearly 2 stone, I’ve also lost 22½ inches around my body and have achieved something I never thought I could, let alone enjoy it!  I never have and never will be a gym freak (if I’m honest), I don’t like them and never really stuck to it.  At these classes we have such a laugh, it’s like having a second family, plus it’s free!

Manor & Castle Development Trust need to be recognised for what they do for people and the lives they change for the better.  I’ve never been so confident, I’m even going for my dream job, a plus size model!  Something I never thought I could have done. I start training very soon, instead of avoiding the camera from now on, it will become my Job!

Linzi Turton.

Pictured Linzi Turton

Pictured above Linzi Turton @ The Arbourthorne Centre – Kettlercise Class

Pictured Linzi Turton

Pictured Linzi Turton

Like Linzi, come join one of our great fitness activities run by our fully qualified instructors Kellyanne Sharman and Errol Barrows. 

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